Sunday, 17 July 2011

Living in the lap of luxury in Kuala Lumpur

First, I must apologize for the delay in blogs!  It's been 8 days since I last posted (shame on Erika), but I will remedy that in the next few days.  
When I last left off, we were departing Tioman Island.  We spent a night in Mersing to get some quality trip planning done.  There is not much to see in Mersing except boats, stray cats and, well, that's about it.  So we hopped on a bus for KL!  The Lonely Planet had some rather unsavory descriptions for the budget accommodations in KL; these descriptions involved the phrases 'brothel' and 'bed bugs' so we splurged for a hotel.  We got a great deal on Expedia for a new hotel/residences that'd just opened, so we had our own giant bathroom, bedroom, living room and kitchen. The kitchen included a small fridge/freezer and stove top, but nary a pot, plate, fork or knife in the suite.  We had 2 mugs, 2 water glasses and 2 spoons.  Not sure who goes traveling and brings their own pots!  That night we feasted on ramen noodles, beer, crackers and cheese in our suite, watched cable tv, swam in the rooftop pool and just generally enjoyed the luxury.
View from our hotel room.  We were on the 22nd floor.

Enjoying some delicious "draft beer"

Dinner on night two was curry (in a bag!)

The next day, we wandered KL on foot and saw the Petronas Towers, Chinatown and Little India.  Greg bought a badly needed belt in Chinatown, and we practiced our bargaining.  It was so nice to be able to return to our nice hotel and wash the dirt and grime of the city off, and curl up in bed and watch a movie (Date Night was on tv!)   

Petronas Towers

Field where Malaysia's Independence was declared in 1957.

On our last day, sadly we checked out of our hotel at noon, dropped our bags at the train station and headed off to the bird park.  The bird park was actually about a block away from the train station, but due to the brilliant city planning and construction, we actually couldn't walk there.  We ended up taking a train one stop, and then backtracking to the park.  KL Bird Park claims to have the world's largest walk-in aviary, which is pretty great for the birds that are allowed to roam free.  Unfortunately, a lot of the birds were still in cages, like the ostriches, emus, hawks, cassowaries and owls.  
Birdie enjoying some corn

We ate lunch at the treetop restaurant at the bird park.  Greg was trying to defend his meal from some hungry watchful birds.

I got to touch a grey-headed fishing eagle.  

After the bird park, we returned to collect our bags and hop on an overnight train to the north of Malaysia, as our next stop was the Perhentian Islands!  The train ride was actually surprisingly comfortable, even though we slept with our bags and arrived 3 hours late.  
Self-portrait taken in bed on the train

Next stop: more island relaxing in the Perhentians!

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  1. Yay for backpacking! Please write more to distract me from thesis writing and boredom!