Friday, 8 July 2011

Lazy Days on Tioman Island

After Singapore, we headed off to Tioman Island, which was apparently voted one of the top 10 most beautiful places in the world according to Life magazine (according to a Norwegian family Greg met on the island, anyways).  It's quite spectacular: dense jungle, white sandy beaches, turquoise water.
A rare picture of Greg

Due to a severe lack of foresight, we had limited funds and no access to a bank machine, so we lived rather frugally on the island.  We had a small cabin (technically 3 small cabins - there was an outbreak of broken toilets) in a lovely garden on the hillside, inhabited by a cat in heat who woke us up several times in the middle of the night with her yowling.  Luckily, there is no duty on the island, so we were able to drink quite cheaply.  Happy hour prices were 3 beers for 10 ringgit, which is about $1CAD per beer.  At the store, Greg bought a beer for 67 cents!!  It was pretty ridiculous.
The island is also full of wild housecats.  We saw quite a few adorable kittens too.  Greg made friends with this guy, who I christened Bernard (pronounced BER-nerd) in honour of Philip.
Poor Bernard was a scruffy fellow.  We did not touch him for fear of disease.

So we spent our 3 days on the island swimming, snorkeling, drinking, eating, playing cards, reading and just generally being lazy on the beach.  It was incredible.
For lack of any more interesting stories, here are some pictures:
 Sunset on the beach.

 A tree full of GIANT Malaysian Fruit Bats.  They were terrifying.  Practically the size of crows, they'd be flying all around at night.  Here is a close-up picture of one taken at the zoo:
Back to Tioman pictures:
There were lots of giant monitor lizards swimming around the streams and trundling across the beaches.  This one was about 1.5 meters long.

Fishy seen while snorkeling.  In addition to all the fishies, I also saw a colourful sting ray hiding under a rock.  Yay waterproof camera!
Greg hates this picture, but nuts to him!  I may look rather ridiculous (sun in my eyes!) I still think it's cute :)

Next: a day in Mersing to plan the next stage of our journey!


  1. Incredible - glad that you're having an awesome time!

  2. Oh my god Bernard is cute, but I'm very glad to hear you didn't touch him. Sounds like you guys are having a blast! I can't wait to hear where you are off to next!

  3. Is Puffin missing his shirt because he ripped it off?


    Rock on little kitty!

  5. Oh my gosh! I know this cat! He was my favorite on the island! I can assure you I petted him quite a bit (he was pretty scabby) and I think even let him sit on my lap and as far as I know I do not have any strange diseases! Say "hello" to him for me!

  6. Oh and I called him Kinky Checker because of his checker toes (clearly visible in your picture) and the kink in his tail. Such a character!

  7. Looks like quite the beautiful place! I'm glad you're having a great time and you managed to get your bags back.

  8. Hanna!! I can't believe you also made friends with Bernard/Kinky checker. Amazing! I am happy to report that he is doing well (despite his scabbiness). I will have to check out your blog to see pictures of him!

  9. Wagler: he actually lost it while wrestling a monitor lizard.